Friday, December 28, 2007

LITTLE SHOPPE Named to Scoop's "Best of 2007"

I'm always thrilled to see fanzines get some love thrown their way, and I'm especially pleased when some accolades go to people like Dick Klemensen and his amazing, long-running LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS.

Check out Scoop's "best of 2007" list and you'll see the most recent issue of LITTLE SHOPPE at #9. I'm probably a little biased since good pals Adrian Salmon and Neil Vokes provided artwork for the issue (and get mentioned in the write-up), but I'm continually in awe of both the quality of the work and Klemensen's commitment to his vision.

I've encountered Dick off and on through the years at various conventions – especially FANEX here in Maryland – and he has never been anything less than a charming, enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging member of the zine community.

Bravo to Dick and all of the fine people who contribute to the magazine's continued success!

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