Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Richard Dawson

As a 70s kid, Richard Dawson was a frequent guest in my house. Thanks to constant reruns of Hogan's Heroes, his role as a cheeky panelist on the snarky Match Game and finally as the one and only true host of Family Feud, I bet he was in your house a lot, too.

While reading Dawson's bio on-line this morning, I was surprised to read that he was married to Diana Dors, often billed as "the English Marilyn Monroe".

Genre fans probably remember him best for his role as Killian in the Arnie actioner THE RUNNING MAN based on the Bachman book by Stephen King (trailer below). This one always reminded me a bit too much of Fulci's NEW GLADIATORS but the role was definitely tailor-made for Dawson.

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Kim said...

He's still in my house thanks to reruns. Nice to see someone post about him on his birthday. :)

Another interesting fact about Dawson's marriage to Dors is they had 2 sons. After the divorce Dawson got full custody of them (not exactly common for the father to get custody of the kids in the 60's).