Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ER Thanksgiving Comic & Movie Mag Auction

It's hard to believe that we're still finding things to auction off... I must have gone to more garage sales and flea markets than I remember!

Our Thanksgiving Comic & Movie Magazine Auction is underway at eBay and we have a bunch of great titles available, all starting at 99 cents with low Buy It Now prices. Auctions include Video Watchdog, Warren's action film mag Screen Thrills Illustrated, Famous Monsters of Filmland, several Marvel Preview titles, a trio of Creepy issues including one with a Frank Frazetta werewolf cover and more.

Highlights include a fine copy of Rampaging Hulk #2 in which the Hulk takes on The X-Men in the streets of Paris as well as the premiere issue of Spacemen, the science-fiction movie mag from James Warren and Forrest Ackerman, publisher/editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Another great item up for sale is a copy of the 1971 hardback comic collection Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder from the 30s to the 70s. This 1971 hardcover from Bonanza Books collects more than twenty-five stories and fifty original cover reproductions (including thirty-seven full-color covers) tracing the development of The Dark Knight from his days as a solo act to the introduction of Robin and Bat-Girl all the way up to the more mysterious and dark adventures of the 1970s. Includes adventures with The Joker, Riddler, Superman, Batwoman, Two-Face and many more plus a bibliography, guide to Batman in other media, and an introduction by E Nelson Bridwell, editor and writer of the Batman newspaper strip. This a hard-to-find and awesome collection that belongs on the shelf of any Batman fanatic.

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