Monday, February 27, 2012

Kinski Co-Star Wins Overdue Oscar

Hung in there for about an hour of the Oscars last night, and from what I saw the telecast seemed disjointed and odd. Even go-to über-host Billy Crystal seemed like he was in the midst of a final dress rehearsal, not, you know, a live show being watched by millions.

Anyway, I tuned out around 9:30 when the documentary GOOSE – about original Harlem Globetrotters star Goose Tatum – started over on ESPN. I missed all the "big" awards but was happy to see Christopher Plummer take home a statue (no surprise there) for his work in the film BEGINNERS.

I've been a Plummer fan since the old days when the whole family would plunk ourselves down in front of the tube for the annual, pre-VHS showings of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I have not heard his whole speech but I'm guessing Plummer didn't give a shout out to Kinski for their work in NOSFERATU IN VENICE.

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