Saturday, August 06, 2011

July 2011 Viewing Addendum!

I realized the other day I left a couple things off my July 2011 viewing list. DEATH HUNTER: WEREWOLVES VS VAMPIRES (MTI) is an overly-ambitious but cheap and fun horror/action flick that would have made for a great men's action paperback series. A couple on an anniversary camping trip get attacked by vampires at a remote bar (sorta like if FROM DUSK TILL DAWN happened in reverse). She turns into an undead bloodsucker but he survives, only to get bit by a werewolf! A mysterious stranger injects him with an antidote and helps him train to be a part-man/part-werewolf monster hunter.

THE FRANKENSTEIN SYNDROME (also MTI) was a very pleasant surprise, with Louis Mandylor, Ed Lauter (!) and current scream queen Tiffany Shepis in an entertaining Frankenstein update mashed with a dash of RE-ANIMATOR. Lots of low-budget ruminations on life and death plus just enough gore to keep trash fans tuned in. Some surprisingly good performances, especially former NFL player Scott Leet as David, the bodyguard turned "manster".

Full reviews of both to come in our upcoming summer update!

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