Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Vote for ER in the 2011 TLA Cult Awards!

To say I was surprised and humbled by the announcement that the Exploitation Retrospect web site had been nominated for a 2011 TLA Cult Award is an understatement. While I could name three good pals off the top of my head who probably were more deserving of the nod, I certainly won't look a gift horse in the mouth or turn down the additional readers and maybe a few extra flicks that come our way.

The fact that the nomination is from – powered by TLA Video – definitely means a little more. The TLA or Theatre of the Living Arts was a Philadelphia repertory film institution when I was growing up just across the bridge in South Jersey. And even when I was still too young to catch their screenings of trash cinema and repertory classics, the venue's monthly calendar was one of the first things I grabbed when cavorting on South Street with friends.

Years later I was fortunate enough to enjoy a few screenings when the theater went through its last days as a movie house and when they eventually switched over to an all-music venue I saw the likes of Danzig, The Cramps, Goo Goo Dolls and Cheap Trick there during my days in and around the city.

But even after the theater stopped showing films in the late 80s, the TLA Video stores that had popped up around the city were frequent stops on my way to or from classes at Drexel, my apartment, a club to see a band or even while just walking around town. Few stores boasted as eclectic a selection, even when things like TOMOKO, THE SAINTLY GIRL were not quite as advertised.

So thanks TLA Video for the nod and I encourage all our readers to check out all the categories, vote for us as Best Cult/Exploitation/Horror Blog/Website and definitely spend some time exploring the other nominees in our category.

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