Monday, December 06, 2010

Have Yourself a Trashy Little Xmas: Day 4/Back Off Dude, I'm a Vampire!

I usually lump personal license plates in with bumper stickers and things like those Baby On Board ("something, something Burt Ward") signs that were all the rage for about ten minutes oh so many years ago.

For me a car is just that. It's transportation, not an extension of my personality. The only two exceptions I can think of are my pal Bob who had this awesome license plate until he gave it to the man himself and this amazing pickup tailgate with a spray-painted Freddy Krueger.

That said, if you have a vampire buff in your life don't let them junk up their car with anything associated with The Lost Boys or the glittery dude who drives the Volvo. Let 'em kick it seriously ├╝ld skool with this license plate featuring the original silver screen vampire, Max Schrek as Count Orlock from Murnau's 1922 NOSFERATU. The plate from Tin 10 Collectibles features art from monster kit fave Jeff Preston and is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. Just $12.99 from Big Bad Toy Store.

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