Saturday, August 08, 2009

Legendary Eurotrash Producer Harry Alan Towers Dies

If you're even a casual fan of the world of Eurotrash cinema and B-movies you're familiar with the name Harry Alan Towers. Towers, who died on July 31 after a short illness, was 88-years-old and had a filmography as long as both your arms.

Towers, frequently credited under the pseudonym Peter Welbeck, got his start producing televisions shows in the mid-50s and later moved into movies, a move which brought him into contact with such legendary genre personalities as Jess Franco and Klaus Kinski.

Kinski and Towers would work together repeatedly through the years, including such flicks as CIRCUS OF FEAR (an excellent krimi set in a circus), OUR MAN IN MARRAKESH (featuring Kinski and Tony Randall!), and THE MILLION EYES OF SUMURU as well as the Kinski/Franco collaborations MARQUIS DE SADE: JUSTINE, VENUS IN FURS (co-starring Towers' wife Maria Rohm) and EL CONDE DRACULA.

Over the last three decades Towers was still going strong working on such such films as AMERICAN NINJA 3, THE MANGLER, RIVER OF DEATH and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA to name a few. At the time of his death Towers was working on an adaptation of MOLL FLANDERS and was reportedly at work on a new flick featuring a character he'd brought to the big screen in the 1960s, Sax Rohmer's legendary Fu-Manchu.

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