Tuesday, November 20, 2007

T-Bag Raises His Tinseltwon Visibility

Since its debut a couple seasons ago I've always maintained that the best thing, the best actor, the most interesting character on FOX's outrageous 'Prison Break' is Robert Knepper as the loathsome (but lovable) T-Bag. (For those not familiar with the show Theodore "T-Bag" is every worst kind of criminal all wrapped up in one... a racist serial killing child molester who also happens to be a prison rapist. Did I mention he's the best character on the show?)

Now it seems the entertainment world is beginning to take notice of Knepper's standout performance and reward him for his work. Thanks to Superherohype.com, we found out that The Denver Post is reporting that Knepper is rumored to be up for the role as a villain in the upcoming James Bond flick, may co-star in the Wolverine spin-off with Hugh Jackman, and star in a remake of Hitchcok's THE BIRDS. All of this coming atop his co-starring turn in HITMAN, the latest shoot-em-up videogame to make it to the big screen.

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