Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bunny and The Kommandant Go Documentary

I blame my love of non-fiction books for my love of documentaries and documentary style TV shows. You can have all the CSI spin-offs and retreads, Desperate Housewives, and low-brow comedies you want (I'm looking at you Jim Belushi and Charlie Sheen). Gimme 30 minutes to two hours on some kooky subject or foodstuff and I am so there.

Taking a break from their steady diet of HG Lewis and FRIDAY THE 13TH entries, B-Movie Buffet honchos Bunny Fontaine and The Kommandant treat us to reviews of WE JAM ECONO: THE STORY OF THE MINUTEMEN and SO WRONG THEY'RE RIGHT, documentaries about one of the pioneering indie/punk bands of the 80s and fans of 8-tracks, respectively.

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