Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another Blow for Aquaman and More Cast Members for 'Smallville'

After the (fake) news that Jake Gyllenhal will be taking over the role of Aquaman for the Michael Bay-helmed Aquaman 2, word has it that 'Mercy Reef,' the 'Smallville' spin-off about the early days of the King of the Sea will not see the light of day at the new CW. Apparently, a hefty price tag has scrapped the show and it isn't even being considered as a mid-season replacement.

In 'Smallville' news, the Green Arrow is reportedly the latest DC hero slated to make an appearance and after a fleeting mention a couple seasons ago, Daily Planet photog Jimmy Olsen will be joining the cast as a love interest for intrepid reporter Chloe Sullivan.

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