Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Superhero Overload!

I thought I was jazzed about heading out for tonight's early bird screening of the long awaited SUPERMAN RETURNS. And I still am... hell, how could I not be?

Richard Donner's first two takes on the legend of the Man of Steel gave birth to the modern superhero film and set a standard that would stand for several decades until films like Bryan Singer's one-two punch featuring The X-Men and Sam Raimi's brilliant double shot of Spider-Man films raised the bar.

Now Singer has taken over the reins of the SUPERMAN franchise and though I'm less than ecstatic about Kevin Spacey hamming it up as Lex Luthor I do like the film's retro look that evokes the great Max Fleischer cartoons of old.

But, wait, what's this?! A stupendous teaser trailer for SPIDER-MAN 3? I'd be lying if I said this look at next summer's superhero blockbuster didn't give me chills...

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IL said...

Speaking of the Max Fleischer superman cartoons, you can download a few for free viewing at the Internet Archive.
Just go to the Moving Images/Film Chest Vintage Cartoons section.