Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who Will Replace the Thick-Headed Reviewers?

I've always wondered who would replace the thick-skulled movie reviewers who simply dismiss horror films before they even enter the theater. Wouldn't it stand to reason that some kid who is going to see every one of these remakes and half-baked slasher flicks would actually become their champion? I think we can count out Badger Herald film reviewer, wait, sorry, "critic" Ray Gustini.

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IL said...

"There really is no way to make an artistically worthy scary movie." Interesting statement. Since 'artistically worthy' can be quite subjective in context, I think he should have said, "there is no way to make what I consider to be an artistically worthy scary movie..." Also his comment that "no scary movie is going to be taken seriously because it doesn’t engage the intellect" is quite interesting.

His views definitely need to be addressed...thanks for pointing this out.