Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Catching Up with CTH (and Other B-Vets) on '24'

While this season of '24' is probably grading about a C/C+ due to the woefully miscast Sean Astin as a CTU boss, too much of that pussy President Logan, and a few too many reality-stretching plot devices (a 16-year-old Kurt Cobain look-a-like tracks the great Jack Bauer without his knowing it?), the show has become a veritable stomping ground of B-movie (and lower) actors trawling for a little screen time. While last year featured Arnold Vosloo (best know for his MUMMY roles but loved by schlockers for his roles in John Woo's HARD TARGET and the DARKMAN video sequels) and William Devane (who appeared with Klaus Kinski in TIMESTALKERS), this year has upped the ante considerably... so far we've been treated to Julian Sands (he of the WARLOCK films), ROBOCOP himself Peter Weller, and last night brought us Ray Wise (TWIN PEAKS) and former teen-heartthrob C. Thomas Howell as Kim's analyst/boyfriend who sports some pubic-esque facial hair that would make Paul Giamatti jealous. It's nice to see CTH working again after the misguided HITCHER II and one can only hope that a role for Wings Hauser as Jack's father can't be too far off.

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David Zuzelo said...

I agree that Jack is a bit whack this year...but man I really dig the guy who plays The Prez. The character is annoying and stupid, but this guy pulls it off. We watched the HD feed last night and noticed that Prez has THREE earring holes in his left ear as well, which sure doesn't suit the character.
All I'm saying is I want to see Kim run...dressed as a cheerleader preferably.