Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Slug It Out!

I still remember the good old days of movie trailers when they didn't tell you the whole story and instead spent a few minutes just trying to entertain the crap out of you -- even if, sometimes, the footage in the trailer wasn't in the flick! (If you're looking for a helluva good time with some exploitation trailers be sure to check out the Synapse Films release of 42ND STREET FOREVER.)

While I don't think it'll be BANNED IN 39 COUNTRIES (like the great MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY promo reel promised), Universal's SLITHER has the potential to be gooey fun at the ol' cinema. And, you can make a trailer for the flick and win $25,000. Or a t-shirt. Time's running out, though... you gotta get your submission in before midnight this Thursday.

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