Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Push It Real Good

Big ER birthday wishes go out today to Cheryl "Salt" James, one of the members of the influential gal rap group Salt'N'Pepa. No, I'm not some closet rap historian and I only knew of this momentous occasion because a DJ on Sirius mentioned it. However, without Ms. James, Pepa and Spinderella there would be no "Push It." And without "Push It" I wouldn't have my favorite television commercial... perhaps of all-time.

I'm speaking, of course, about the Nextel ad featuring the office workers grooving to the infectious dance track to the dismay of their co-worker. While the monkeys and the new VW ads featuring PRISON BREAKS's Peter Stormare (who overacts wildly in George A. Romero's BRUISER) are gaining ground, the Nextel spot never fails to elicit anything from childish giggles to full-blown belly laughs every damn time I see it.

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