Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Milla & Mulcahy

Of the current horror "franchises" (oh, how I hate that term) out there, the one I most genuinely enjoy is RESIDENT EVIL. Though I've never seen either film in a theater, they're the perfect flicks to catch at home via DVD or cable. Nothing too mentally challenging and filled with mutants and zombies and chicks in hot pants toting big ol' guns. If 28 DAYS LATER is the thinking man's zombie flick, the RES EVIL flicks are their check your brain at the door retarded brethren.

So it's with great pleasure that I pass along the info that HIGHLANDER and RAZORBACK director Russell Mulcahy will be helming the series' third installment, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. Set for 2007 release the flick will begin filming in Mexico this year with Milla Jovovich, Mike Epps, Sienna Guillroy and Oded Fher all reprising their roles from RES EVIL 2.

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Hitch Magazine said...

Not being a gamer, I had zero knowledge of/expectations for RESIDENT EVIL. So when I saw it in the theater, I was like, "This. Is. So. Awesome."

I'm not as excited about APOCALYPSE, though I still like it a lot and own it.

Mulcahy's involvement kind of scares me a little, since most of his movies are terrible (though I quite like the TALE OF THE MUMMY), but I still think there's a lot of life left in this franchise.

And bringing back Sienna Guillroy gets a big "thumbs" up from me.