Friday, March 17, 2006

Ernest Fans Can Stop Mourning

To say that I've never understood the appeal of Larry the Cable Guy is perhaps the understatement of the decade. That's like saying I kinda like chicken and Klaus Kinski.

But for those out there who continue to mourn the passing of Jim "Ernest" Varney, weep no more. Instead, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice... it looks like Larry the Cable Guy will be scooping up the remains of the Ernest legacy (and when you make 10 films [!] featuring that character, oh yeah, it's a legacy) with the release of LARRY THE CABLE GUY: HEALTH INSPECTOR.

I'm truly, truly terrified that this movie's going to make $20 million opening weekend.

1 comment:

Hitch Magazine said...

But Dan, how can the movie make $20 million when the theaters don't take food stamps?

Anyone who pays to see this crap deserves to be on welfare, I say.