Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Farewell Old Friend

I won't lie to you. Watching Veterans Stadium implode was a bittersweet moment for me. While it was great to see Philly getting stadiums for the Eagles and Phillies, I loved that old stadium, warts, steel, concrete, funky smells and all. Like a little kid said the day Chris and I attended the penultimate Phils game: "This place makes me want to boo."

Thoughts of The Spectrum being leveled bring up completely different memories for me... watching the Sixers and Flyers battle at the top of their division for what seemed like an eternity... going to Phantoms games when the Flyers moved to the bigger arena (and out of my price range)... sharing season tickets to the Wings indoor lacrosse with good friends... getting moved from the back of the floor at a Springsteen show to the fifth row because they'd put the soundboard where out seats were supposed to be... Dr. J's tomahawk dunk over a cowering Laker (I think it was Michael Cooper) that literally shook the building to its core (and broke Doc's wrist if I remember correctly)... and countless Ice Capades and Ringling Bros. shows as a kid.

Though usually said with tongue firmly in cheek, in this instance I really mean it when I say "Good times, good times."

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