Wednesday, April 22, 2020

METAMORPHOSIS (1989) Directed by George Eastman

“He’s not a man. He’s a worm.”

George Eastman’s late 80s sci-fi-horror flick METAMORPHOSIS owes more than a little inspiration to Cronenberg’s version of THE FLY but with some wonderfully Eurotrashy flourishes. Peter Houseman (Gene Le Brock who looks like, as one pal said, the poor man’s Christian Bale) is a scientist at “Virginia University” who is trying to defy aging… perhaps DEATH!

When the suits try and shut him down and yank his funding, Houseman is determined to show results. And what better way to show results than to skip all those tiresome “trials” and go right to human testing. On himself!

Pretty soon Houseman is blacking out, assaulting hookers and college students (including Laura Gemsar), mutating and murdering associates while Sally The Financial Investigator He Boned (Catherine Baranov) is trying to find and cure him.

METAMORPHOSIS has a little bit of everything for the trash film fan, not to mention a bonkers price-of-admission-worthy ending. – Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor is the editor/publisher of Exploitation Retrospect and is using his free time to dive deep into the streaming vaults to find suitable entertainment.

METAMORPHOSIS is streaming on Amazon Prime and is also available on Blu-Ray.

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