Friday, September 22, 2017

Chas. Balun's DEEP RED Mag is Back and In Excellent Hands!

I'm not big on endorsing Kickstarter campaigns but knowing the folks involved with this one makes it a no brainer.

If you're like me, the work of Chas. Balun and his books and mags were highly influential in terms of what I watched as well as my expectations of what genre books and mags could be (or, at least, aspire to be).

Well, Balun's sorely missed DEEP RED magazine is back and in good hands (and authorized by the Balun estate).

XEROX FEROX author John Szpunar is at the editorial helm and he's being joined by DEEP RED vets like Kris Gilpin (who recently wrote for Exploitation Retrospect 53), Greg Goodsell and Steve Bissette as well as such new blood as good pal and fellow 24 Horrorthoner Bruce Holecheck of Cinema Arcana, ER contributors David Zuzelo and Chris Poggiali, Nick Cato (an old friend from the 80s zine trenches), ULTRA VIOLENT's Art Ettinger and more.

And, with the inclusion of a recently announced interview with PSYCHOTRONIC author/publisher Michael Weldon this one is a must have for your genre bookshelf.

The publication has almost reached its Kickstarter goal and has a few weeks to go. Help get this welcome relaunch – scheduled for January 2018 – back into the hands of genre fans everywhere.

Click here to back the project. – Dan Taylor

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