Friday, September 08, 2017

1984's THE MASTER – Yes, That THE MASTER – Is Coming to Blu-Ray

From the "Never Thought I'd See The Day" Department comes the announcement that Kino Lorber will be releasing the 1984 martial arts action series THE MASTER on Blu-Ray.

Lasting a whopping 13 episodes from January to August during my senior year of high school, THE MASTER was must see TV in my household thanks to the presence of Lee Van Cleef and "Salami" from THE WHITE SHADOW. I'd watch on the big TV in our family room and chortle while my Dad read his paper and occasionally peered over the top to shake his head. Pretty sure he felt THE MASTER was no ROCKFORD FILES.

The 13 episodes are chock full of martial arts nonsense, ninja shtick and appearances from the likes of Demi Moore, Sho Kosugi, George Lazenby, Crystal Bernard, Doug McClure, Claude Akins, Clu Gulager, Edd Byrnes and George Maharis!

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