Thursday, June 09, 2016

Desperately In Need of Some Trash... STAT!

A sampling of the "watch" stack that continues
to grow and teeter behind me in my office.
Wish me luck.
So, uh, four posts in the first five months and eight days of 2016?

Bravo, Dan, bravo.

It's actually even worse when you realize that: a) I didn't write two of them; and, b) one is a share of a trailer. So I've really only produced one blog post. In 160 days. And that was a list of what I watched in 2015.

Not exactly what I would call "heavy lifting" on my part.

Which brings us to our regularly scheduled – though later than usual – apology for the dearth of activity here over the first, well, half of 2016. (If you'd like to read a more food and drink oriented version of this apology please hop on over to our sister blog The Hungover Gourmet.)

Feel free to insert whatever excuse works best for you. Choices include writer's block, laziness, ennui, freelance projects, home life, watching too much NHL and/or college basketball, volunteering at school and dealer's choice. Any of the above – and certainly a few I'm forgetting – are all acceptable.

But now that school's out and the NHL is on the verge of crowning a new Stanley Cup champ that is once again not my beloved Flyers, the worm is ready to turn. Work will resume on the long-delayed – but now very timely – 30th anniversary issue of ER as well as an ongoing site update and regular blog posts.

In an effort to clear the cobwebs created by too many viewings of MINIONS and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 (hey, it's what happens when you put together an 8-year-old and unlimited streaming) I plan to embark on a recovery program that includes a rapid infusion of trash in the coming days.

In the meantime, look for some more contributor posts while I get my act together. – Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor is the editor and publisher of Exploitation Retrospect and The Hungover Gourmet. He needs to get out of the comfy chair and back to watching some trash. Immediately. Ok, well not immediately because The Chamber of Horrors (aka the family room) is filled with stuff from his daughter's room and it's tough to watch Tinto Brass's THE VOYEUR with a fourth grader running around.

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