Thursday, September 26, 2013

Italian Action Gore Thy Name is ADAM CHAPLIN

Yesterday afternoon I posted on the ER Facebook page that I was putting the brakes on the bulging review section for issue #52. Every time I stopped at the PO Box there were new, exciting titles I wanted to include, especially since it'll be another year before our next issue. Oh sure, there's always our blog and site, but there's nothing like that printed review as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, after mailing off THE ODD ANGRY SHOT and AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL to reviewers I found a key in my PO Box heralding another packet of digital goodies.

"Eh," I figured. "Probably yet another zombie movie."

 Damn. After looking at the new FRIDAY THE 13TH documentary and Grindhouse Releasing's sweet looking release of the Peter Cushing flick CORRUPTION it became obvious I had some viewing to do before I could put the issue to bed.

Oh yeah, and this was in there, too. Which I watched last night. Consider my mind officially blown by its blend of supernatural action gore. And a wisecracking demon. Full review to come in ER #52.

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