Thursday, September 26, 2013

Isaac Florentine Talks NINJA Flicks and -- Wait For It -- UNDISPUTED IV

Here at ER we love the action as much – maybe even more – than the horror. And one of our favorite director/star combos is that of Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins.

Their 2009 flick NINJA stars Adkins as Casey, a Westerner raised in Japan who must protect an ancient chest containing ninja weapons. Highly entertaining and featuring a subway fight that convinced me Adkins would be a great choice for a Remo Williams reboot, NINJA is well worth checking out and easily found at used DVD sales when you're trawling through a Blockbuster.

But the two really made their mark with the ass-kicking UNDISPUTED sequels starring Adkins as a vicious prison fighter named Boyka. UNDISPUTED II: LAST MAN STANDING unites Adkins and Michael Jai White (reprising the role of Iceman originated by Ving Rhames) in what could have been your typical "new prisoner meets prison kingpin" storyline, but Florentine turns it into a gritty low-budget actioner that certainly heralded both MJW and Adkins as forces to be reckoned with in the action game.

Adkins and Florentine returned in UNDISPUTED III: REDEMPTION (without White) and did the near impossible by turning the vicious Boyka into a heroic figure we actually find ourselves rooting for. By flick's end I was chanting "Boyka! Boyka! Boyka!" from my couch while crossing my fingers that his adventures would continue.

Turns out I – and many others – may see that wish fulfilled. While attending Fantastic Fest for the premiere of NINJA: SHADOW OF A TEAR, Florentine sat down for an interview and talks about why he was unhappy with NINJA and what's happening with – wait for it – UNDISPUTED IV!

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