Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"He Will Not Be Gentle": AMOK TRAIN (aka BEYOND THE DOOR III)

I think I added AMOK TRAIN (aka BEYOND THE DOOR III) to my Netflix streaming queue within days of getting my Roku three or four years back. I'm just bummed that I finally got around to watching it just days before Netflix's license for this – and many other MGM titles – expired.

Beverly (Mary Kohnert) is a crazy-eyed virgin loner with a GIANT goat horn-shaped birthmark on her belly who looks like a busty Calista Flockhart. When she and some college classmates head to central Europe to meet up with a professor (Bo Svenson) to view a passion play that pre-dates Christianity, well, there are some signs that things are not on the up and up. Like the professor tossing out a telegram informing Bev that her Mom has died in a car "accident" and some locals setting fire to the hovels where she and her fellow travelers are bunking.

Eventually most of the students end up boarding the titular train, which barrels through the countryside. Attempts to stop the train in order to rescue a couple who got left behind prove fruitless and usually end in the death of one or two students.

Pretty soon Beverly comes to realize what we've known all along... she has been promised to Lucifer to be his bride and "he will not be gentle".

BEYOND/AMOK is a gory, atmospheric and occasionally trippy ride complete with decapitations, impalements, wandering locals, mouthfuls of maggots, disintegrating faces, a freaky "gipsy" woman (who seems like she wandered in off the set of EVIL DEAD 2), crushed heads, a talking train (and I don't mean Thomas!), college students ripped in half, and Satan in a cube... not to mention a fakey fake fake train set that gives HORROR EXPRESS a run for its money!

Hurry... it's still available on Netflix till May 1. All aboard!

AMOK TRAIN is available from Amazon.

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