Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Layoff is Over(ish)!

Remember that post at the start of February where I talked about finding a better balance between life and work? And how my viewing hadn't taken its usual "winter work crunch" hit?

Seems I may have spoken too soon, as evidenced by my recent absence from these pages and the fact that I haven't managed to watch a thing since catching up with FINAL DESTINATION 5 and DRIVE the first weekend of the month.

But things are looking up trash fans. I just posted the final proofs for my annual, giant client project which means that I only have a full slate of smaller, more manageable, less-time-consuming projects to handle.

And, yes, for those of you that have inquired, the print version of ER is still being put together. I'm hoping to have it wrapped up and available for both print and download purchase sometime in March. Of 2012. (Just thought I should clarify!)

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