Saturday, October 01, 2011

31 Days of Fright: 2011 Style

It was only after reading good pal David Zuzelo's initial Halloween Horrors post that it dawned on me... today is October 1st.


I should really be more aware of this. My wife's birthday is September 30th and I'd already made mental notes to shift into official Can. Not. Wait.® mode for the fifth Exhumed Films 24 Hour Marathon which arrives in four weeks. (Seriously. Can. Not. Wait.)

And with the arrival of October comes The Return of 31 Days of Fright, our annual month-long look at things that go bump in the night. I started this themed outing back in 2008 and the first couple years went well. Lots of posts, links, reviews, trailers, news, etc.

Last year? Well, I really dropped the ball. And I'm not even sure why (though I have a good idea). But it looks like I never even got to the halfway point before things disintegrated.

So, I pledge not to let that happen this year. Thanks to our growing roster of contributors there should be a steady stream of content, plus I've been getting back into review mode. Then again, we all know how the Summer of ACTION! turned out.

Anyway, let's kick this off in style. With a classic. And let me be among the first to wish you a Happy Halloween!

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