Wednesday, October 01, 2008

31 DAYS OF FRIGHT: Intro & First Link

After taking part in a recent National Blog Posting theme month over at The Hungover Gourmet, I was wondering what theme I could use as motivation to post here at ER. "Horror" seemed like a natural given the time of year and the abundance of Halloween- and horror-related stories, blogs, flicks, goodies and more floating around my office, the web, and every store I walk into (though Costco already had their Christmas yard displays for sale this past weekend).

In other words, welcome to '31 Days of Fright' where I'll be sharing everything from links to blogs and review sites to artwork, videos and new and "vintage" reviews of my own.

First up, though, is this highly educational web page that I discovered courtesy of StumbleUpon.

Do you ever marvel at the stupidity of the characters that populate horror films? Like why they always seem to revisit grisly murder scenes on the exact anniversary of said murders or why they never, ever listen to the crazy person who is warning them of certain doom?

Could be that they never read the Horror Movie Survival Guide. This exhaustive list of 300+ tips covers everything from what to do after you think you've killed the monster, to group behavior, pets in horror films and more.

Do yourself a favor and before you go driving off for a secluded weekend at some cabin in the woods ala CABIN FEVER or the EVIL DEAD films glance over the list and maybe, just maybe, you'll be the one left standing for the sequel!

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