Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring 2011 Update Posted!

Nothing like having what was intended as the January 2011 update somehow morph into the Spring 2011 update, but hey, it happens.

We just posted 25 new reviews including: not one, not two, but three from the mighty pen (keyboard?) of David Zuzelo; Doug Waltz on sexploitation double features and bad WIP parodies; a dash of Franco; a splash of Naschy (splaschy?); made-for-tv sci-fi; shot-on-video mayhem; some Tinto Brass; and more, plus initial details on our return to print and an interview with Wildside Cinema's Brian Harris.

Check it out!

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Gonster said...

I forgot I reviewed INTERPLANETARY. If you want anything else reviewed, just send it my way.