Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roth to Produce CLOWN After Seeing Mock Trailer

I think we can all agree it sounds like a high concept Full Moon idea for a flick (or ten of them) – party clown fails to show for his kid's birthday party so dad puts on a clown suit and makeup he finds stashed in the basement... but he can't take it off and starts transforming into, well, an evil clown.

But when Eli Roth saw the mock trailer for CLOWN (which has the balls to use Roth's name in the trailer and in the credits as director) he decided that he'd rather set the film up as a feature than sue.

Admittedly, I was snickering at the concept as I read the article and couldn't help but think of, well, Full Moon's KILLJOY series. But the mock trailer evokes shades of Cronenenberg's THE FLY and we all know that few things are as creepy as those damn clowns. Check out the mock trailer below.

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