Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Intervision Unveils Initial DVD Offerings

When the press release from Intervision showed up in my mailbox I thought that I'd somehow tapped into a time-traveling communication system. I mean, seriously, would you check out that logo?! It looks like something I'd have seen oh, I don't know, six- or seven-hundred times during the 80s and 90s while I was sprawled on my couch drinking beer and watching trashy films.

But, no, Intervision is actually a new DVD cult company headed up by Larry Gold., Sr. an early leader in the world of VHS distribution who has had his hand in bringing tons of genre offerings to fans. Despite having relocated to Thailand almost a decade ago, the opportunity to unleash cinematic mayhem via DVD was too great for Gold to resist.

The label will kick off its initial slate of releases after the first of the year with two Jess Franco flicks, 1970s THE SINISTER EYES OF DR. ORLOFF followed by PAULA-PAULA, the Eurotrash vet's Jekyll-and-Hyde fever dream. According to their press release, the company has also acquired rights to the serial killer flick THE SECRET LIFE OF JEFFREY DAHMER and two 1970s Ozploitation classics, AUSTRALIA AFTER DARK and THE ABCs OF LOVE AND SEX. Both titles were helmed by John Lamond and the discs will feature commentary tracks with Lamond and NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD director Mark Hartley.

With the genre DVD business what it is these days, I'm happy to see labels like Intervision and Midnight Legacy popping up. Let's hope they stick around a long time!

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