Tuesday, September 01, 2009

August Watches

My August watches were all over the place (and I'm not even including the various Disney stuff watched with my daughter) with a few old faves making my eyes rain...

HORRIBLE/MONSTER HUNTER -- fun early 80s flick that just misses out on greatness
PIECES -- the best, just the best; it actually gets more entertaining every time I see it
THE MUTILATOR -- quintessentially stupid but awesome 80s trash flick
I LOVE YOU, MAN -- not nearly as entertaining as ROLE MODELS
JULIE & JULIA -- surprised how much I enjoyed this; Streep is awesome
FAST & FURIOUS -- they should make one of these every year
DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE -- sexy and fun
PLAGUE TOWN -- skin-crawlingly enjoyable
TROPIC THUNDER -- another one I brushed off when it came out but ended up really enjoying; a nice skewering of Hollywood... never go full retard

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