Sunday, February 01, 2009

THE THING Remake, er, Prequel News and Awesome Video

I've been trying to ignore the news that plans for a prequel to John Carpenter's THE THING are apparently full speed ahead. At least the folks behind it have the good sense not to try and simply remake one of the single greatest pieces of sci-fi/horror cinema.

Instead, they're angling to tell the story of what happened that made those Norwegian dudes get in their chopper and chase The Thing Pooch across Antarctica, though I'm alarmed by reports that director Matthijs Van Hejningen is pushing to make one of the leads the brother of Macready (Kurt Russell's character). It would have to be an older brother because once Mama and Papa Macready had a kid as cool as RJ they'd know it was time to stop. Why tamper with perfection?

Don't have the time to revel in the greatness of Carpenter's THE THING (itself a remake of a 1950s Howard Hawks thriller based on the story "Who Goes There?")? Check out this clip featuring the awesome music of Zombie Zombie and a streamlined version of the Carpenter classic. Thanks to ER co-founder Lou Goncey for the tip.


Unknown said...

I am glad that its not going to be a typical remake - I would rather a prequel, in fact, I am quite happy about it since I loved The Thing.

jplombon said...

This is slightly off the subject, but what's your opinion of these remakes? Am I overreacting when I get a little miffed to find 15-year-old kids trying to tell me that a movie like "Last House on the Left" had to be remade, because the "original was awful."

Dan said...

I'm a bit torn on the whole remake issue. I find a lot of them to be pretty bad, like the TCM, HILLS HAVE EYES and AMITYVILLE HORROR remakes. I've never watched Zombie's HALLOWEEN reboot but not out of any crazoid love for the original, I've just never gotten around to it. I'm sure I'll check it out one of these days.

A PG-13 remake of PROM NIGHT sounds pretty daft to me. The major selling point of such flicks back in the day, at least as far as I was concerned, was some tits and blood. What does a PG-13 version offer?

On the other hand I've heard good things about the second HILLS HAVE EYES flick not to mention the recent MY BLOODY VALENTINE and not-so-recent BLACK CHRISTMAS. I know I'll get around to them sometime, but I guess I'd just rather watch something I've never seen (like Jess Franco's crazy fun FACELESS which I caught the other day) than a slick re-tread of a junky horror flick I might not have cared that much about in the first place.

Like LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Didn't care much for the original and always thought it was over-rated. So a remake holds little interest for me.

On the other hand, all this remake fever gives me hope for a BLOODSUCKING FREAKS "re-imagining" with Patrick Stewart, Peter Dinklage, Michael Caine, and Tom Brady as Tom Maverick!