Tuesday, January 06, 2009


That's the tune that's being sung here in Baltimore.

No love for John Harbaugh as Coach of the Year (on a team that could have openly revolted given the veteran leadership and the fact that Rex Ryan wasn't named head coach). Joe Flacco gets zero votes as Offensive ROTY (all he does is go 11-5 for a team expected to finish in the cellar after he was expected to be third string behind Troy Smith and, gasp, Kyle Boller).

And, in the most egregious display of media bias against the Ravens, Ed Reed leads the league in INTs, returns two for TDs, plays hurt all year and anchors one of the best D's in (channeling my inner Jaws) The National Football League and he gets 8 votes for Defensive Player of the Year and finishes third?

I pity the fools. My prediction for the Ravens/Titans game? I'll let Clubber Lang weigh in...

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