Friday, January 02, 2009

Most Anticipated Flick of 2009

WATCHMEN, SWATCHMEN. This is the most anticipated flick of 2009 for yours truly. To say that the red band trailer for CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE is not work safe is putting it mildly. If you have to leave work now to watch I say it's worth it.


Live for films said...

Cheers for the link. I like your site. Very cool

Cinema Suicide said...

You know? I'm such a snob and I ignore anything with Jason Statham just because of his involvement in all things Transporter... but there's a nagging part of me that needs to see Crank and the sequel.

But for me, the most anticipated movie of the year is Black Dynamite. If you haven't seen the trailers, look them up. It looks as authentic as a blaxploitation send-up can get.