Friday, December 19, 2008

What's that Smell? UH, Oh, Might be THE SPIRIT...

I questioned the logic of a big-screen adaptation of Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT right off the bat. Whatever Eisner's cred with comic fans the character is largely unknown by the general public and I felt like producers were setting themselves up for a failure of epic proportions. Think THE PHANTOM and THE SHADOW.

Early teasers, clips and trailers did nothing to assuage those fears, with the flick coming off like a dumbed-down SIN CITY with Samuel L. Jackson in full-blown, scenery-chomping mode.

Well, the early reviews are starting to trickle in and even the fanboys over at Ain't It Cool News (whose views I usually take with a grain of salt) are pretty harsh in their assessment, calling it a "steaming pile of shit" that rivals John Travolta's BATTLEFIELD EARTH. Mainstream criticism is slightly more even-handed, though no less damning, with Variety labeling the flick as "Self-parody".


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