Sunday, October 12, 2008

31 DAYS OF FRIGHT: Costumed Fun

Growing up during the 70s I longed to have cool store bought Halloween costumes. You know, like the Frankenstein one I'm wearing in the picture at right.

Because nothing says Frankenstein's monster like flammable, purple pants and an orange smock with your picture on it. How was I supposed to avoid torch-wielding villagers in that?!

Unfortunately, my Mom was big into making costumes for me, which I totally didn't appreciate at the time but have come to realize was a big deal. She could have easily bought me some cheapie smock and sharp plastic mask, but she was busy glueing felt on a hat for me to be Zorro or putting cardboard in the collar of my vampire cape.

If you had homemade costumes, too, and want to see what you missed out on or if you just want to take a weird walk down memory lane with some of the crazy fads, characters and shows that were turned into costumes (Seriously? There was an ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES costume?!), check out this amazing collection over at RetroCrush.

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