Friday, September 26, 2008

Romero Shooting New Zombie Flick Featuring Underwater Zombies

I'm a big George Romero fan, no doubt about it. Love the original DEAD trilogy and prefer to think of the half-baked LAND OF THE DEAD as some sort of unconnected offshoot. Conflicting reports on its quality kept me away from seeing DIARY OF THE DEAD in the theater, though I am going to have to bump it to the top of my NetFlix queue so I can rectify that situation.

Now comes word that Romero is slated to work on what producers are jokingly referring to as "SOMETHING OF THE DEAD". According to an interview on the blog ShlockAroundTheClock, the new film will start a few weeks after the outbreak and focuses on some characters from DIARY who are on the run and end up at an island they think is a safe haven.
What it’s about is tribalism. How the internet creates a Hatfields and McCoys situation. It’s on an island, where people have been lured... but really what these guys are trying to do is hold them up at the boat docks.
The president of Voltage Pictures reports that they will be shooting "underwater zombies" for the film. Let's just hope it's more convincing than the plant-filled pool used in ZOMBIE LAKE!

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