Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ZOMBIE STRIPPERS Coming to Your Town

Since vampire strippers have already been done to death (though I did enjoy the mid-90s low-budget vampire sluts vs horny priest zaniness of VAMPS: DEADLY DREAMGIRLS) and zombies are the new vampires it seemed inevitable that somebody would come up with the bright idea to bring us zombie strippers.

Cue ZOMBIE STRIPPERS, a new, suspiciously GRINDHOUSE-esque direct-to-video-by-way-of-17-theaters horror flick starring the dream team of Robert Englund and porn star Jenna Jameson.

Sony recently announced that the film, originally slated for the direct-to-video market, will have a limited engagement in 17 cities in mid-April. Baltimore's not on the list but I got a chuckle out of seeing Philly's Ritz at the Bourse listed on the flick' website. The thought of ZOMBIE STRIPPERS playing in a theater that was once the city's exclusive home of eggheady arthouse fare made me realize that things have really changed in my old stomping grounds!

You can check out the trailer at SlashFilm.

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