Friday, April 18, 2008

Awesome Kinski Box Art

Sorry for the light posting schedule of late. If you've been paying attention to the 100 Kinski Challenge list over at The Klaus Kinski Files you know it's not for lack of watching. In recent weeks I've knocked off TO KILL A RAT, SECRET OF THE RED ORCHID and COMMANDO LEOPARD but I'm way behind on reviews of those and many other Eurotrash goodies. Don't fret, they're coming, as well as other goodies and tidbits I'll be unveiling in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, here's some groovy Klaus box art that just arrived and I felt the need to share. First up is a classic big box for PSYCHOPATH (1968) which despite its spooky sounding name is not horror-related at all. As soon as I opened the package this box was in I got a big smile on my face because it immediately made me think of The Pennsauken Mart (RIP). I can remember staring at this box on its shelves many nights on my way to the Eric movie theater, Liquor Mart, Crazy Eddie's Beef & Beer... or all three.

I haven't seen PSYCHOPATH yet but that box art is destined to suck me in... and soon! I have seen CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND (1967), however, and it's easily one of my favorite Kinski flicks not to mention a favorite krimi. How can you go wrong with Klaus playing twin brothers, one of whom is convicted of a series of brutal murders?

Acquired, retitled THE BLOODY DEAD and spiced up with some additional gore footage by Sam Sherman, BLUE HAND has been out in a variety of packages over the years. I was always fond of one BLOODY DEAD box that featured an illustration of a very 70s-era Klaus wielding a Freddy Kreuger-style glove, despite the fact that the mid-60s flick takes place on the grounds of a castle manor and is relatively bloodless.

But this box might give that one a run for its money. For some reason it features an upside down Madonna-wannabe being menaced by, well, a drawing of a blue hand.

Give the folks at Platinum Productions credit for their very literal interpretation of the film's title.

Big thanks to Wolfie from Eurotrash Paradise for sending these my way!

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