Friday, January 04, 2008

Coolest. Shirts. Ever.

If you're about my age (41) and anything like me you probably had a weird fascination with VHS company logos during the video heyday.

Face it, when you're standing in a video store's "Horror" section staring at three walls' worth of movies you may or may not have ever heard of something has to start the weeding out process.

For me, one of things was the pedigree of the video company. Companies like New World, Lightning and Wizard definitely had a leg up on the competition, and the appearance of the Vestron logo on a box almost guaranteed a rental.

Relive those thrilling days of praying the tape didn't break while you watched a heavily chopped up, heavily hyped Italian flick or scrambling around looking for your other VCR and dubbing cables so you could have your own copy of whatever trash you got in Tuesday night's Rent 1 Get 1 Free splurge.

Rotten Cotton is now selling Retro 80's Video Company Logo T-Shirts that are simply outstanding. All the companies mentioned above are represented as well as the likes of Continental (I think they put out the first copies of John Waters films I ever saw), Paragon (who brought us THE ONE-ARMED EXECUTIONER and other classics), Embassy and more.

I hate the Rotten Cotton site's use of frames but if you want to see these, and I know you do, go to their site and click 'New Shit' in the left menu, then click the 'Retro 80's' link in the body copy.

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Cinema Suicide said...

Oh man. I would kill a man for the Vestron and Wizard Video shirts. Thankfully, I can just shell out $20 for them. Shawn Lewis is a good guy, too. Rotten Cotton definitely deserves the business. Now if only they could get cracking on that four color Gorgon shirt.

I would buy that right now.