Friday, January 18, 2008

Carpenter's Return

Always nice to see my man John Carpenter get some love and the folks at SlashFilm have a brief little appreciation of JC's work (especially the period from ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 to the great THEY LIVE) as an intro to news about his next project.
His movies poked fun at the establishment and his modus operandi wore self-reliance on its sleeve. Those synthy scores drove his independence home like roman candles made with gun powder and other manly things. He made movies with giant balls for geeks before geeks were recognized. He used his youth and ideals about movie making to the fullest. But now that geeks are recognized, where are those ballsy movies from the new geek directors?
While I was one of the few fans of GHOSTS OF MARS (has it really been 7 years?!) I'd like to see something new and groovy attached to the director's name, instead of a lame straight-to-video sequel that attempts to cash in on his above-the-title cred.

According to SlashFilm, Carpenter's next effort is a horror anthology called LA GOTHIC written by the same duo that wrote Argento's new thriller GIALLO.

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