Monday, November 12, 2007

Less Than 2 Weeks Left in Deep Discount Sale

My DVD-buying buddies wait patiently for the semiannual sale at Deep Discount so they can raid the site's already cheap prices and add another 20% off to the bottom line. I don't buy a lot of DVDs only because I don't watch many things more than once so the sale doesn't mean much to me.

But if you're a DVD buyer, movie lover or TV buff, this sale's tough to pass up. Plus it's a great way to stock up on Christmas gifts before the big holiday rush. To take advantage of the sale just go to and enter the code SUPERSALE when you check out. That way you'll get an additional 20% off.

Here's a few titles I heartily recommend...

The James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set: all 21 official Bond flicks, including CASINO ROYALE, all in one set. The price is already less than $10 per flick and the sale will take almost $36 more off.

RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND and DAGON: it's tough to go wrong with this trio of Lovecraft adaptations from director Stuart Gordon and word has it he may be helming another.

POINT BREAK: easily one of the most entertainingly empty-headed action spectacles ever made and it's even parodied in Edgar Wright's very funny HOT FUZZ. Oh yeah, and POINT BREAK 2 supposedly begins filming in May.

VENTURE BROS. SEASONS 1 and 2: I'd like to think most people reading this blog already have these discs, but if not shame on you. Here's your chance to make things right in the world.

Klaus, Klaus, Klaus: nothing says happy holidays like some Kinski. Why not give the gift of THE GREAT SILENCE, CIRCUS OF FEAR, VENUS IN FURS, NOSFERATU, or MY BEST FIEND.

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