Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Free Music Wednesday: Jason Dove

I'd have to say that I'm probably listening to more music – and more varied music – than I have since my days at WKDU (the college radio station at Drexel). Unfortunately, in the days after Drexel I spent a lot of time writing music reviews for various magazines and zines and found myself burning out on all things music. Crap will do that to you.

Oh sure, there was good stuff like Urge Overkill's 'Saturation' (one of the great, underappreciated albums of the era) but there was probably three times as much stuff that made me want to never, ever listen to music again. Like Urge Overkill's 'Exit the Dragon'.

After taking a break from music reviewing, selling off tons of CDs and retreating to my collection of vinyl and stuff by the Replacements I was able to learn to love music again. My embrace of iTunes has certainly helped out on that front. I spent several weeks loading my entire CD collection into the computer and since then I've added and added to the mix thanks to subscriptions to sites like eMusic and MP3 Sugar and numerous channels on Sirius (Underground Garage, Left of Center, etc.).

But there's nothing like going out and finding some free music. Thanks to Mobtown Shank here's three full albums of free stuff from Jason Dove.

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