Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wolverine Vs. Zombies

While Marvel Zombies has been a popular offshoot of the Marvel Universe thanks to its casting of the company's heroes and villains in the role of warring zombies, what would happen if the worlds of superheroes and horror clashed? That's the idea behind Jeffrey Brown's WOLVERINE: DYING TIME, an indie comic that pits the claw-sporting mutant against the living dead.

From what I gathered, Brown's self-published comic was printed up and distributed to friends back around 2004. Copies made their way into the hands of folks at Wizard and Punk Planet and the book gained a little notoriety. Amazingly, I'd never heard about it until yesterday when I read a post about Brown over at Pop Candy.

If you'd like to know – or see – more about the book, check out this interview with Brown at Silver Bullet Comic Books, which also reproduces the first 11 pages from the work.

And speaking of Marvel Zombies, issues 1-5 of Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness have been issued in a hardcover volume. I'm a sucker for anything zombies and anything EVIL DEAD, so odds are I'll be picking this one up soon.

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