Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Halloween... from The Joker?

Back in July I wrote about the Batman story arc 'The Long Halloween' and how some of the elements of the comic appear to be popping up in leaked storylines and promotion for THE DARK KNIGHT, next summer's hugely anticipated follow-up to BATMAN BEGINS.

The allusions to 'The Long Halloween' continue with the latest viral marketing going on over at Why So Serious, a site attributed to that Clown Prince of Crime, the Bat's arch-enemy known as The Joker. A few days ago a new image appeared on the site, that of a pumpkin with the Bat signal carved in the front of it. That image was also used on the cover of 'The Long Halloween', further suggesting some tie-in to that story's plotline.

Be sure to check out the site as we get closer to October 31st. The candle in the pumpkin is burning down, so who knows what The Joker may have in store?!

In other DARK KNIGHT news, remember The Joker's cryptic "See you in December" statement from earlier this summer? While some suggested that meant a trailer for TDK would be appearing on Will Smith's I AM LEGEND remake, sources are now reporting that IMAX prints of LEGEND will feature a 7 minute TDK prologue featuring The Joker.

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