Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What is With these Fu*#ing Celebrity Baby Names?

Gretchen Moll recently had a baby and she and her husband named the poor kid – wait for it – Ptolemy. Seriously. Apple Paltrow Radiohead laughs at this kid. I pray to god he grows up to be 6'5" and about 240 pounds... he's gonna need it.

Why not just name him Bookcase? I'm hoping for his fifth birthday he gets lots of helmets to protect him from the years of Repetitive Locker-Stuffing Disorder he's in for.


Cinema Suicide said...

Man, the state of baby names in this country is nothing short of moronic. Celebs are particularly guilty of this but I don't know what's worse, their idea of exotic names for children or the idiots that worship at the tabloid temple who follow suit.

I manage a website for a hospital that posts birth announcements and I get to see some of the most baffling names ever committed to public record. Most of the time I'm convinced that the parents who named thier child Deliliah, Kaydynce, Porsha and Maddisynn are simply lacking in spelling ability.

Anonymous said...

You are so out of touch! Ptolemy is the coolest celebrity baby name of the year. The top blog on the web about celebrity baby names (not your blog, I assure you) said that Mol "raised the bar" on celebrity baby names with this one ( You need to get with the program, especially since you describe yourself as a pop culture junkie. This is pop culture, er... Dan...