Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Replacements 'When It Began' Video

You never know what you're going to stumble upon while surfing the web at 5 AM. I thought I'd seen every video The Replacements recorded during their brief flirtation with MTV which started with the legendary "Bastards of Young" video which showed nothing but the band members sitting on couches and chairs while a speaker pounded out the tune.

Somehow I missed the video for "When It Began," an ironically titled track from their last album, 'All Shook Down.' Frankly, the album is more a Paul Westerberg solo effort than a 'Mats effort, with guests appearing on almost all tracks. I can't imagine the shoot for this video – featuring the band performing in and wandering through a claymation town I assume is meant to represent Minneapolis circa the late 1970s – was all that pleasant, given the band's overall distaste for the medium and the in-fighting that was leading to their eventual breakup.

The video comes from the minimalist blog '120 Minutes' which features nothing but videos from the days when MTV not only showed videos but often showed videos from bands I liked. If only I could find one for "Crush Story" by Too Much Joy.

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