Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The ETP Crew Meets Udo!

Standing from left to right: David Zuzelo (TOMB IT MAY CONCERN), Yours Truly, Bryan Senn (author of A YEAR OF FEAR among others), Neil Vokes (comic artist, THE BLACK FOREST, THE WICKED WEST and more), Udo Kier, John Grace (horror fan, power pop buff), Bob Sargent (ETP head honcho, editor/publisher VIDEOOZE). In front from left to right: Bruce (sorry, but I didn't catch his last name), Curt Purcell (GROOVY AGE OF HORROR), Bruce Holecheck (DVD featurettes for XTRO, DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE).

One of the highlights of my recent weekend with the boys from The Eurotrash Paradise was our Sunday afternoon meeting with Eurotrash star Udo Kier. We were waiting in line to get a picture with him when Udo left the autograph area and announced that he had to get back to Europe. He apologized to all in line waiting to see him and hustled off.

Dejected, we stepped out of line and started down the hall until Bryan Senn (author of the newly released A YEAR OF FEAR) hustled after Kier, found him in the hotel bar, and asked if he'd be kind enough to take a photo with us before he left.

Luckily, Kier said "Yes, yes" and posed for a couple group snapshots as a burly horror fan slowly lifted the top of his girlfriend who was taking the photo for us.

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